Fundraising & Events.

The goal of The Ribbon Run is to raise as much funds for Macmillan Cancer Support as possible, but it's not the only fundraising we do. As I type this we have raised £2,435.20 in generous donations, these stem from photos taken at various Parkrun and SeeYorkRunYork events, taking part in the Yorkshire Marathon 2018 and just the generosity of people.
If you would like to donate seperately to your race entry, we are grateful for anything you can spare. You will find full info and a link below for this or scroll down to see what other events are happening!


The York Pie Company - "The Daddy"

I spent some time with The York Pie Company and worked with them to design a pie called "The Daddy", not on sale just yet but when it is a percentage of the profits is to go to a charity of my choice!
Not to be biased but it is a delicious masterpiece example of piemanship!

"The Sean Coxhead Fun Run"

This one is a closed event we are organising via a local school. All the kids will partake in a sponsored fun run with fancy dress optional, followed by food etc. Rolling on into the eve for those who wish to stay this should be a great annual fundraiser for Macmillan!

Katie Ventress School Of Dance - April 2019

I'm unsure if this is open to public at the moment, but the Katie Ventress School Of Dance is putting on a dance show in April 2019 and have offered to donate proceeds to a charity of my choice! Last time they raised approx £1600 in total split between 2 charities.

The London Marathon! April 2019

The big one! Before diagnosis I entered the ballot for the London Marathon expecting not to get in, as it happened I did. It's touch and go at the moment if i'll be able to take part at all but this will be a huge event for me and for the fundraising if I do make it there! Any volunteers to run/walk with me? lol

The Ribbon Run - May 2019

You're here! My first ever running event. What are you waiting for, go sign up!